The Happiness Planner



Change Your Beliefs notepad is designed to help you get rid of your self-limiting & negative beliefs and practice positive affirmations. 

Our beliefs have been introduced to us since we were born. Our past experiences and the environment we grew up in contribute greatly to the beliefs we hold today. Now that we're older, we may realize that some of them no longer serve us well and we want to get rid of them. But change is hard especially when you've been believing something for so many years. It requires a lot of practice. You have to tell yourself the new beliefs over and over until they go into your subconscious mind and you successfully rewire the neuron pathways in your brain.

Use this notepad to help you re-affirm what you want to believe and plant good seeds in your subconscious mind. 


  • A5 size (148x210mm)
  • Gloss finish cover
  • Gold logo.
  • 60 sheets

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