Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak


Take an invigorating dip in the renewing waters of Alaska’s wild Pacific Ocean. Like an exhilarating full-body plunge into the cold, moody-blue depths, the Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak lights up your senses and restores your body. Rich with marine nutrients from wild harvested kelp and Pacific sea salts, a Deep Blue Sea Soak will soften and refresh your skin.

Made by hand inn Wrangell, Alaska.

Waterbody invites your to connect with Alaska's wild landscape and the wildest parts of yourself through the daily rituals of body care.


That first breath of fresh sea-salted air as you resurface from a skinny dipping swan dive.


Blue Kelp

Harvested by hand from coastal rocky shorelines in Southeast Alaska, wild kelp lends your skin a rich profile of marine nutrients and minerals that are known to support healthy cell turnover and collagen production. Kelp’s mucilaginous properties (what makes it feel so slippery) are soothing, protective, and emollient to your skin.

Mineral Salts

Epsom and Pacific sea salts soften your skin and supply essential minerals.


Epsom Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, Alaskan Bull Kelp, Peppermint*, Tapioca Starch, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E oil, Peppermint Oil*, Lavender Oil* *Certified organic ingredient 10 oz., packaged in a compostable cello bag within a paperboard tube.


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