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This Health Journal is designed to help you cultivate an optimistic attitude and a happy mind, no matter the obstacles you face with your health.

Physical and mental health are both important components of our individual life journeys. Some of us may have underlying health conditions — whether caused by genetics, life experiences, lifestyle choices, injury, or aging — and as such, it may feel difficult to find our happiness and reach our full potential. We might see our health problems as boulders blocking the road to life’s possibilities, obstructing the doors to various opportunities, or preventing us from checking off our bucket list items. When we live with health conditions for a long time, we can unintentionally adopt the illusion that we can’t change the situation, even if we actually can.

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.”

This journal will ask you to look deep inside, reflect on your health and any related issues, and compromise with yourself. Of course, after completing this journal you won’t be able to entirely resolve your health issues. But together, we will discover ways to mitigate their impacts and to keep your physical limitations from clouding your mental wellbeing - and vice versa. After all, a happy and healthy mind is important for a happy and healthy life.

Each journal comes with:

  • 30 questions, journaling prompts, and exercises that are designed to help you reflect on your health.
  • Inspirational quotes throughout.

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