Rain Forest Bath Soak


Immerse yourself in the grounding energy & ancient magic of the Tongass rainforest. Rest among the old growth spruce and cedar trees, where a soft carpet of moss quiets the noise of the day. The Rainforest Bath Soak invites you to slow down, be present, and take in the scenery with all of your senses.

Made by hand inn Wrangell, Alaska.

Waterbody invites your to connect with Alaska's wild landscape and the wildest parts of yourself through the daily rituals of body care.


A walk in the woods.


Labrador Tea

An aromatic shrub that thrives among Alaska’s bog-like muskegs. Labrador tea’s leathery green leaves offer a fresh, invigorating meadow-sweet aroma with anti-inflammatory and skin restoring properties.

Stika Spruce + Western Red Cedar

These iconic evergreens of southeast Alaska’s old growth forests offer cleansing properties and a grounding woodsy aroma to aid in releasing stress and tension, or soothing congested airways.


Epsom Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, Spruce Tips, Labrador Tea, Tapioca Starch, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E Oil, Sitka Spruce Oil, Lodgepole Pine Oil, Western Red Cedar Oil (*Certified Organic) 10 oz., packaged in a compostable cello bag, inside a paperboard tube

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